NFL playoff hunt – week 14


Ty George, Sports Reporter

NFL Teams in the hunt to make the playoffs:

Jacob: The Lions are in the playoff hunt and are looking to finally break the strength of no playoffs wins. The Lions have two games remaining one against the Cincinnati Bengals and one against the Green Bay Packers. The Lions have been in their bag lately with two recent wins against the Buccaneers and the Bears after losing the two previous weeks before those to the Vikings and the Ravens. The Lions are playing very well and I think with the help of their Hall of Fame kicker Matt Prater and incredible QB Matthew Stafford.

Nick: The Cowboys are in the wildcard hunt right now. They stand with an overall record of 8-6. The Cowboys have two games left in the season against the Seattle Seahawks and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Cowboys have been in a slump lately with losing to the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles, and the Washington Redskins. With the next to games turning out as wins they are hoping to be a playoff contender.

Tobey: The Dolphins are in need of some magic to make the playoffs but the way quarterback Jay Cutler has been playing lately the Dolphins more than deserve to be in the playoffs. Their remaining two games are the Chiefs and Bills. The game to watch out for is the Chiefs game. If they can get past that I think they will finish 8-8 after beating the Bills. An 8-8 team has a good chance of making the Wildcard.

Ty: The Titans sit at 8-6 and are in the AFC wildcard race. They are not a team who is usually in the playoffs or even the playoff race, but since Mariota they have been on the rise. They are lead by Demarco Murray in the backfield and Derrick Henry get a few carries on the goal line. In their last two weeks they play Jared Goff and the first place Rams and then the Jaguars who are also in the hunt. I predict Mariota takes the Titans to the playoffs and they will most likely lose first round.