Gymnastics earns narrow victory over Lowell 137-135


The Forest Hills gymnastics team traveled to Lowell last night to battle against the Red Arrows and came out with a close 137-135 victory. FHC only had three eligible gymnasts for the meet but somehow, this team scraped together its first win.

FHC sophomores led the team in this meet, with Veronica Wagner scoring an 8.0 on the bars and Olivia Jeong earning an 8.7 on the floor. Sophomore Hannah Walters was the highest scorer for the entire team, ending with a 34.35 for all four events last night, with an eight or above on both the bars and the vault. Both teams faced an unforeseen challenge, as they had to perform their floor routines on cheer mats as opposed to the usual spring floor. They were still incredibly well executed and above expectations.

The team heads to Kenowa Hills for their next meet on Monday, January 15. They look to touch up their routines and heal some injuries, but the Rangers are confident that they will be able to pull out another win next week and improve their winning streak to two.