Player Profile: Brendan Guitar

Player Profile: Brendan Guitar

Kate Ryan, Sports Reporter

Name: Brendan Guitar

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Wrestling

Sophomore Brendan Guitar is another great addition to the well-rounded, strong wrestling team this year. His intrinsic motivation to perform well for himself and the team shines through at every meet.

How many years have you been wrestling?

I started wrestling back in 8th grade. My friend Tommy told me it would be fun and the team needed a big guy, so I joined and it was a great decision.”

What makes wrestling such an important sport to you?

I like beating things up. The rush of someone trying to attack you and being allowed to legally hurt them is the greatest feeling ever.”

What do you do at every wrestling meet in order to do your best and be successful?

I listen to music from Iron Man the movie and repeat my mantra in my head over and over, “There is no such thing as pain.a��”

What is the greatest part about being on the FHC wrestling team?

I like seeing everyone every day at practice and having a good time no matter what we’re doing.”

What do you hope to achieve this season personally?

Every season I go for the same goal: to not get pinned. If I can achieve that with every match I have then I will be happy.”