Competitive cheer takes 7th at LMCCOA


Remy Tittel, Sports Reporter

Saturday morning, FHC competitive cheer went to their largest competition yet. The team made their way to Caledonia high school for the LMCCOA competition. At this competition, seniors are allowed to send out applications for scholarship money. This being the reason the competition is so large. In total, 39 teams attended with 15 teams being in D2. FHC took 7th out of the 15 teams in their division.

Round one needs to come out with a bang in order for the team to get ahead. Round one gives the judges and other teams the first impression. Small mistakes are still being made in round one, the team’s voice, tightness in motions, and all around cleanness needs to improve for the FHC cheer team. The team scored for round one 224.00 points.

Recently changes were made to round two. These changes were made to improve the precision drill and they worked. The team did beautifully in round two, but the team still needs to improve on timing. They need to better time out their skills. On Saturday one of the members back walkovers was not on time with the others and the team lost some execution points. The total score of round two was 196.04.

Round three was a struggle for FHC, but recently they have been hitting all their stunts. Now it is up to the Rangers to clean it up even more and make it perfect. The team loses points for simple things like not walking clean, fixing uniform, touching hair, flyers arms bobbing in the air, and many more things. If the team can clean it up they would score significantly higher. Round threes score was 271.70 points and the total score for the day was 691.74 points.

Saturday, Feb 3rd, the team will be at Kenowa Hills high school for the Kenowa Hills Invite. This competition does not have an effect on the OK White but is extremely helpful for their third OK White Conference meet Feb 7th.