Rugby falls to Rockford in the final game of the season 58-0


Last night rugby had a devasting loss against Rockford 58-0. Many factors played into this loss such as missed tackles and a number of intercepted passes. All around, the Rangers struggled to compete with Rockford.

Despite a tough loss, a few key players still came through strong. This group included sophomores Brandon Weiskopf and Wyatt Engler and senior Seth Udell. Brandon came through on defense with some key tackles and was all over the field, ready for what was coming. Seth showed the strong leadership he had all season and also had very crucial tackles stopping the Rams’ offense. Wyatt proved strong on offense by moving the ball up the field constantly and leading the Rangers’ offense.

The Rangers finish the season 0-5 in conference play. Unfortunately, the Rangers fell short of a spot in the playoffs, making this their final game of this season. With young players on the team they look ahead to a stronger season next year and will aim for a playoff spot.