Player Profile: Nicole Marco


Name: Nicole Marco

Grade: 11

Sport: Cross Country

Why did you join the cross country team?

“I joined the cross country team because my dad ran cross country in college. He got me into it, and I have been running since the seventh grade.”

What is your favorite part about cross country?

“I really love the team atmosphere, the team aspect of hard work, and how well we get along all the time.”

What are some of your team goals and personal goals?

“My personal goal is definitely to make it to States, and our team goal is to always do well in our conference races.”

What are your biggest inspirations in cross country?

“I would say that the people I look up to the most are definitely my dad and Geoffrey Batterbee. They both work really hard at what they do and have a really good work ethic. They are also both really humble.”

What is the hardest part about cross country? 

“The hardest part about cross country is probably having to push yourself to go even further when you’re already in a lot of pain and having to keep going when you have nothing left.