Grand Woods Lounge Review


My brother coming home from college for the weekend always results in a family outing. Whether that be seeing a movie, doing something in downtown GR, or my family’s favorite… finding new places to eat. My family has a strange love for finding new restaurants around the city and I think that it stems from our love for adventuring, trying new things, and food. On this particular day we all were starving, and we were all craving the so called “sports bar food” that everyone who loves sports knows about. With that in mind, we made our way to the outskirts of the city to a spot that my dad raves about. The Grand Woods Lounge.

With a nickname as modest as “The Woods” and it’s secret location, I didn’t have that high of expectations for this acclaimed sports bar. But I was very wrong.

Walking through the front, you step into a screened-in lounge containing numerous picnic table, fireplaces, flat screen TV’s; and, of course, rowdy people cheering on their favorite teams. After pulling open a rather heavy door, I was greeted by a hostess that was young and genuinely welcoming, and since there wasn’t a line of people and also because it was game day, she let us sit wherever there was an open table. Although there were a ton of people, the interior was comfortable and the tables were spread out enough so that you didn’t feel as though the people at the table next to you were sitting with you.

Sitting down, I was quick to notice the array of flat screen TV’s on the wall because two of my favorite teams were playing that day: MSU and the Red Wings. Having both TV’s right in front of me, side by side, made my meal even better. Soon after my family got comfortable in our wooden chairs, a waitress made her way to us, and I was shocked that yet again this employee seemed genuinely happy to see us. It was a nice surprise, and was very different than those chain restaurants with employees who you can tell do not want to be there.

After ordering our drinks, we placed our food order. And I, with burgers not being my favorite food, was grateful that they offered many other options than the classic array of sandwiches. My dad and I decided to split an order of wings with a spicy dressing and french fries. Looking around the place after our order was placed, I fell even more in love. The lighting was at just the right brightness that you were comfortable but could still see across the room. The country decorations and the cheer from the other customers along with the employees added to the friendly vibe.

A short while later our food was placed before us, and we all dug in because we were so hungry. And my oh my, it was delicious. There was just the right amount of wings for my dad and I to share and the fries were thin cut and sprinkled with seasoning that made you want to keep eating. My mom and brother both also loved their food, with my mom getting shrimp and my brother mac and cheese. We were all satisfied.

With full stomachs, smiling faces, and victories for both MSU and the Red Wings, we made our way out of The Woods, adding it to the list of restaurants we would for sure come back to.