Lindsay Larson makes reading an everyday priority


Sophomore Lindsay Larson vividly remembers the day she first learned to read. Nearly twelve years ago, she first grasped a book in her hands and understood the words written across the page. Instantly, her world changed.

“I remember sitting in front of this big window just reading with [my teacher],” Lindsay said, “and I remember just loving it from the very beginning. I just wanted to absorb more and more.”

Unlike the other students in her class, Lindsay was always excited when the teacher announced it was time to read. And unlike other students, Lindsay has managed to find time for reading in her busy high school schedule.

Every night she tries to read for at least thirty minutes. Setting her phone far away from her, she curls up in bed and lets her worries fall away.

She also tries to keep an open schedule. By doing this, she has been able to fly through thirty books so far this semester.

“[I try to] not overbook myself,” Lindsay said. “Like a lot of people have a lot of things on their plate, and I really don’t.”

Reading is Lindsay’s passion so she makes as much time for it as she can. On rainy days, instead of turning on the TV, she will often sit on her bed, her dog at her feet, and get lost in an exciting story.

“My dog [is] my reading buddy,” Lindsay said. “She’ll come, she’ll sit on my bed, and we’ll read together.”

Reading allows Lindsay to not only escape the stress of school but to also learn about various unique cultures. It’s the perfect way for her to step into an entirely different world without ever leaving her seat. She loves historical fiction for that very reason. Expanding her knowledge of the world is very important to her.

“[With historical fiction] you learn about things that happened before but [it’s also] this fictional adventure,” Lindsay said.  

While Lindsay loves reading new books, there are some tried and true classics that will always hold a special place in her heart.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate Dicamillo was my favorite book as a child,” Lindsay said. “It just has a lot of sentimental memories. I read it over and over, and the pages are all worn and bent.”

There is something about words that draws Lindsay in. When she finds beautiful quotes in her books, she often underlines them. She loves quotes about hope and optimism, often turning to them when she needs a boost or help to persevere.

Lindsay loves reading and always has. Whenever she needs to forget her own problems, she knows she can find relief in a book.

“That’s [what’s] really cool about reading,” Lindsay said. “You kinda [get to] peek into someone else’s world. I think it just [is a] great escape. All your problems kind of a fall way.”