Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia is another comical and heartfelt comedy special from Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia is another comical and heartfelt comedy special from Trevor Noah

My newfound appreciation for stand-up- perhaps ushered in by Hasan Minhaj and my love for his show, Patriot Act and periodic viewing of The Daily Show clips- paved the way for my following of comedian Trevor Noah. So of course, when I saw that another comedy special of his had been released on Netflix, I was eager to watch. Thus, the same night that I made said discovery, I excitedly made myself a cup of tea and settled into bed, the glow of Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia playing on my laptop lighting up my bedroom for an hour into the night.

But, it didn’t feel like an hour.

In fact, I thought the special lasted closer to twenty minutes before looking at the time and wincing at how late I had managed to stay up on a school night. The entire hour consists of Noah standing on a stage in a lavish L.A. theater just speaking, as one would expect from a stand-up show– an admittedly rather boring concept, especially if the comedy proves to be mediocre. Nevertheless, with his charisma, charm, and- of course- comedy, Noah slowed time, entertaining me incessantly for the hour during which I should have been sleeping.

One of the most notable things that contributed to the quality of this special was Noah’s stage presence and persona– an admirable aspect of Noah that was immediately apparent. Even through my laptop screen, I could feel his warmth; the friendly, amiable character he projects- knowingly or not- instantly creates an inviting atmosphere for the audience while simultaneously illuminating the stage, possessing the set with light and zeal.

Yet, as he jumps from anecdote to anecdote, that sweet persona pops in an instant. Noah’s dynamic storytelling is so vibrant and, in turn, amusing in part because of the way he wholeheartedly thrusts himself into every role a story demands– including comical caricatures of whatever emotional state he himself was in during each story.

Noah perhaps adopts such emotive and lively storytelling to showcase his talent for accents and impressions– which I thoroughly appreciate. I am a simple consumer; an accent and some ridiculous anecdotes are all it takes to elicit a laugh, and Noah delivers exactly that. After absolutely adoring the many accents incorporated in Noah’s other Netflix special, Trevor Noah: Afraid of the Dark, I most definitely had high hopes for the accents’ return in Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia. Specifically, the Barack Obama impression made another appearance, much to my elation and amusement.

However, I can’t discuss his knack for accents without addressing Noah’s actual accent. As an immigrant from South Africa, he has retained a bit of home on his tongue, and I can’t say I’m mad about it. The careful enunciation and hint of British pronunciation make for such a pleasant sound; in fact, when his impressions would go long, I’d begin to miss his natural accent.

Even beyond the likeability and storytelling and accents, Noah is just an inherently funny guy. I like his style of comedy, especially in this specific special. He balances lightheartedness and meaning with ease. He addresses issues of race, immigration, etc. from a positive perspective without oversaturating the special with too much politics or hatred. With just a tinge of edge, he keeps it heartwarming without sacrificing relatability or comedy.

In that same vein, Noah always addresses and remembers his South African roots. It’s a minute thing, but I appreciate and admire that; in the midst of realizing the American Dream as an immigrant, he never lets go of his background.

Overall, I’d say Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia was worth the lost sleep. For a sure laugh and a bit of softness, I’d certainly recommend it. At the very least, you get to hear his smooth, pleasing accent for an hour straight.