Player Profile: Kevin McPoland


Name: Kevin McPoland

Grade: 9

Sport: Freshman Basketball

Position: Power Forward

How is the team doing so far?

“Starting out at E.K. and going up to TC has been fun and challenging. We are 1-1 so far and are hoping to keep it at one loss for this season. Losing in our first game in our high school careers of playing basketball was sad, but we noticed what needed fixing, fixed it, and went up to Traverse City the next day and got a win. So far, we can already see that it’s going to be a successful season.”

What is your favorite part about the sport?

“I think my favorite part about the sport is the energy it gives you when you’re on the court, and the teamwork, effort, and perseverance you have to put into the team to be a good player and [have] a winning team.”

Who will be a key part of the team this season?

“Only two games into the season I’ve already noticed that Jacob Bonnett will be a real help to our team this year. For the first game of the season, Jacob dropped around half of our total points in the game and kept us in it. His athleticism is truly remarkable and I already know that he is going to help us a lot this season.”

What is the best part about the high school over the middle school?

“I think the freedom and the feeling that you’re not being controlled in everything you do is nice. I like that it’s more on you to get things done and that you can develop into a more independent person.”

What is the team’s main goal for this year’s season?

“I think our main goal of the team is to be the best we can be. My team and our mentality is work hard and don’t lose – and make our free throws – and we will see where that gets us this year.”