Humans of FHC: Tananya Prankprakma


“[The Model UN Conference] was really fun, but it was really tiring because you had to be in committee from, like, eight to a really late time– sometimes eleven. It was really tiring, but it was fun. I think I did okay because it was [only] my first time.

My brother did Model UN all throughout high school, so when I was signing up for classes he was like, ‘Oh, do Model UN,’ so I did. I’m in the class and the club because I really like it. The class isn’t the people who go to conferences; you just do simulations of all the different committees; all the people who go to [the] club are the people who go to the conferences.

I like that [Model UN] discusses a broad range of topics. In APUSH, you’re just talking about U.S. history, and I don’t have another social studies class so I think that Model UN is good because we do world news sometimes; you just look up news about the world, and you kind of always know what’s going on.

Mr. TenEyck told me to do [APUSH] and a few of my other friends are doing it, but they’re in sixth hour, so I was like ‘might as well.’ [I like APUSH because] in Civics and Econ, a lot of the people don’t really care about it, but in APUSH people care about it and are willing to work.”