Somewhere Between beautifully portrayed the theme of valuing time



SOMEWHERE BETWEEN – “Fate Takes a Holiday” – Laura and Nico try to stop the serial killer she believes means to kill Serena, but Laura also learns more about Nico’s disturbing past. Meanwhile, Tom has secrets of his own and is worried that Laura will find out, on the “Fate Takes a Holiday” episode of “Somewhere Between,” airing on TUESDAY, AUGUST 8 (10:00-11:00 p.m. EDT), on ABC. (ABC/Eike Schroter) DEVON SAWA, PAULA PATTON

With an eight-year-old child being murdered by an uncatchable serial killer within the first episode, it is effortlessly accurate to argue that Somewhere Between was intensely intriguing from its beginning. Likewise, when Sabrina Price’s unfortunate death triggered the attempted suicide of her mother, Laura Price, the TV show further captured viewers within its suspenseful plot.

The TV series Somewhere Between takes place in present-day San Francisco. Laura Price is the protagonist, and at the start of the series, she recently grasped an elite role as producer of KMSF News 10. Laura is married to Tom Price— the city’s district attorney— and together they have one daughter: Sabrina Price. The second protagonist is Nico Jackson who was previously a San Francisco cop. Nico and Laura first met when Nico broke into the Price’s home; he mistook the Prices for the previous owners of the luxurious loft.

Then, Nico and Laura met again on the day of both of their deaths. Nico was murdered in Black Pine Cove by the husband of a woman he had an affair with—at the corresponding time Laura decided to end her life in the same lake. The pair later met for a third time at the police station and realized that time had reversed to seven days prior to the murders of Sabrina and Nico’s brother. Together, the pair decided to attempt to alter fate and save the lives of their family members; however, Sabrina and Daniel’s cases are fortunately intertwined like vines along the surface of a fiery brick wall.  

First, my favorite character was Nico Jackson because of the obvious passion he continuously showed throughout the season. Nico risked his life countless times in benefit of Sabrina, and he had only met Sabrina once before dying. Likewise, I appreciated how Nico had a shaky past but was still a genuine man. The trust he regained in Daniel was inspiring; the forgiveness he eventually showed encouraged tears to clump together in my eyes.

My least favorite character was Tom Price because he does not conduct himself or his job authentically and allows obvious corruption to occur within the local court. In order to benefit himself and cover his own dishonest track, he single-handedly allowed the life of his daughter to be stripped away. Therefore, it is challenging to support a character who is dishonest, disloyal, and manipulative.

I watched the ten episodes of the series within two days; therefore, viewing the available summary of a previous episode was consistently unnecessary. However, the option is available, which I believe is beneficial for viewers who are not able to binge-watch the season. I viewed Somewhere Between on Netflix; but, the show originally aired on ABC in 2017. Unfortunately, the show has not been renewed for a second season, and the likeliness of it being renewed is slim.

Finally, the acting was extremely believable, and I was continuously engaged in the emotion the actors were successfully portraying. Paula Patton, who plays Laura Price, accurately presented feelings of heartbreak and confusion when Sabrina was killed— and feelings of determination and desire when given a second chance to save Sabrina. However, periodically I noticed that the connections throughout the case that Laura and Nico were written to make were far-stretched for their abilities; I was partially confused that unqualified adults were making better connections than the San Francisco law enforcement was.

I do not view a myriad of suspenseful TV shows, but other TV shows that are similar to Somewhere Between are Dead of Summer, Burden of Truth, and True Blood.

Overall, Somewhere Between provided a suspenseful, engaging plot that easily captured its audience’s attention. Although the connections between the killer’s acts were confusing and far-stretched, the heartwarming theme of the importance of valuing time and life that Somewhere Between accurately portrayed prevailed.