Logan Schenk transitions from traditional drawing to digitally creating art


Senior Logan Schenk first created digital art in AP Studio Art and enjoyed that mistakes were never final; undoing previous strokes or restarting complete designs were possible at the click of a touchpad. Then, her friends fell in love with her designs and encouraged Logan to make her designs public; therefore, she decided to create a Redbubble account to allow her prints to be purchased.

“I use Redbubble which a lot of artists use,” Logan said. “You just take whatever art and upload it, and people can buy it. I decided to upload it (a digital piece from AP Studio Art) after my friend [said], ‘I’d buy a print of that.’ I thought it would just be fun.”  

Although running her own website can be challenging, Logan has found solutions to her issues through the help pages that Redbubble provides and other artists on Redbubble that are kind enough to aid her. Logan advertises her website and designs through posting them on her Instagram accounts; one of those accounts is completely dedicated to her art.

Logan sparking interest in digital art surprised her; she typically enjoyed the comfort that traditional drawing by hand allowed her to have. But, as her experience increased, Logan realized that creating art digitally was less challenging than creating it by hand.

“I usually like the control of [drawing] traditionally,” Logan said. “[But] digitally, it’s just as easy. I [also] like the freedom of [digital art]. You don’t have to follow rules. There are rules, but you don’t have to state them always.”

Logan’s love for art stems from her father’s own passion: he is a professor at Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University. He has been creating art since he was a child, and Logan can easily recall pleasant memories of bonding with her father over art when she was a child.

“When I was younger, we used to paint on weekends just for fun,” Logan said. “[We would] hang up those paintings around the house. My dad would be painting whatever he was doing for his gallery shows and stuff, and I would just be painting [alongside him].” 

Now, Logan mostly draws with colored pencils instead of frequently painting. Drawing has evolved into her favorite way to create art, and she has been drawing since second grade.

Involving her future, Logan does plan on pursuing art in college. She is not fully set on what to major in or what she exactly wants to do with art, but she is positive that she would like to keep art in her life. Involving the future of her website and business, Logan has not set any specific goals—she prefers to live and create spontaneously.  

Since Redbubble provides a myriad of clothing items, cases, stickers, stationery sets, and wall items that Logan’s designs are able to be printed on, and since friends have already shown obvious interest in her drawings, Logan hopes that her designs will soon be able to evoke higher interest and attention from her peers. She has recently created a design that is based on a popular vine to appeal to her high school peers.

“[I want to create] more things that I like to do or [that] people like,” Logan said. “It’s really kind of hard. [Creating] is whatever I feel like [doing] in the moment. If they find it fun, if they find it funny, that’s a good reason [to buy my designs].”