Bowling falls in first round of bracket play at Zeeland Baker Invitational

Bowling falls in first round of bracket play at Zeeland Baker Invitational

Sophomore Joey Biesbrock and the underclassmen-filled boys team made their way to Zeeland, where the team bowled in the very difficult Zeeland Baker Invitational, falling in its first match of bracket play. The girls team had similar results, also being defeated in the first match.

Before starting bracket play, every team at the invitation played ten games, and the scores from those ten games were then used to determine the seeding for bracket play. For the boys team, the qualifying play didn’t go that well. The guys placed second-to-last but advanced to the play-in game to make it into bracket play. In the play-in game, Joey and freshman Zach Guikema led the way, although the entire team bowled well.

After advancing, the boys went on the face the top seed, Sturgis High School, in bracket play. During the first game, the team only lost by 45 pins to a very talented Sturgis team, made up of all 200+ average bowlers. However, after losing and needing a win in the second game, the Rangers struggled with inconsistencies and Sturgis bowled as well as ever, defeating the Rangers 210-135, ending the day for the boys.

The girls team had similar results on the day. Just like the boys, the girls were seeded second-to-last after the ten beginning games. After limited success earlier in the day, things didn’t pick up in bracket play, and the Lady Rangers lost in the first round. They couldn’t find their rhythm, failing to bowl consistent strikes and spares, resulting in an early exit.

Next up for the Rangers is a rematch against the Cedar Springs Redhawks, a team both the boys and girls teams lost to handily earlier in the season. The Rangers will be looking to pick up the pace and improve their game, as they enter the final stretch of the season before the conference tournament.