Humans of FHC: Delaney Michalski


“Over spring break last year, my family and I took my friend Morgan Mittlestadt to Gatlinburg, Tennessee— somewhere we had never been before. My family rented a log cabin in the mountains, but it didn’t have enough beds, so we went to Walmart, the world’s biggest, to search an air mattress. While we were on the hunt for an air mattress, Morgan, my brother, and I were messing around with a volleyball we found. While we were hitting it at each other, I accidentally launched it across to the other aisle. We all waited for something bad to happen; then a few seconds later we heard a loud thud as some lady screamed ‘OW!’ because it hit her right in the head. I have never run so fast in my entire life, and Morgan and I were almost crying laughing when it was all over.”