Player Profile: Jacob Wolfgang


Name: Jacob Wolfgang

Grade: 11

Sport: Rugby

Why do you play rugby?

“I play rugby because I really enjoy the sport and being able to hit people. I really like how I can get my aggression out on other people.”

Why did you start playing rugby?

“I started to play rugby because [junior] Brandon Weiskopf talked me into playing. He is a great captain, and he is one of the main reasons I keep playing.”

What is your favorite thing about Coach Smith?

“I really like how he teaches me what I’m doing wrong. He is a solid coach when it comes to corrections you need to make. Overall, he helps the team grow and fix our weaknesses.”

Who has been a motivation in your rugby career?

“My biggest motivation would have to be my brother. He played rugby, and I wanted to continue the family tradition.”

How is the team chemistry this year?

“The team chemistry is definitely better than last year; we’re a lot closer, and I think that will help us this season. We’re not really teammates, we’re more like brothers.”