Wine Country is everything you want in a light-hearted, easy watch comedy


Unsurprisingly, I found myself browsing through Netflix yet again on another Sunday evening. Lucky for me, Netflix has been on a roll of releasing new title after new title, persistently giving me something new to watch. However, rather than watching one of the numerous new teen rom-coms that usually fill my time, I chose a different path and invested my time in a mom-com: Wine Country.

No matter what age you are, there is always a bundle of laughs hiding in a movie about moms and their wine, and Wine Country was no exception. I found myself laughing out loud in my room at the humorous comments each character made, and I even saw my own mom in some of the character’s actions, making the film relatable.

The movie is based off the long-time friendship of six women: Abby (Amy Poehler), Rebecca (Rachel Dratch), Catherine (Ana Gasteyer), Naomi (Maya Rudolph), Jenny (Emily Spivey), and Val (Paula Pell). With a 50th birthday approaching, Rebecca’s, the six set out on a trip to Napa Valley, California–also known as the wine country.

The movie courses through the events that take place through their trip, entangling a broad series of emotions overall. The women reminisce, drink lots of wine, and have what appears to be a lively time with each other. However, they also face their own personal problems, as well as issues between each other; but, in the end, the women come out even better than they started with new lessons learned and a more positive outlook on their lives.

Wine Country did an excellent job at balancing the humorous, comical aspects of the movie with the more serious, emotional ones. The movie never pulled me one way and then completely yanked me another way; each scene flowed smoothly into the next like the calm, smooth flowing of a stream as it moves down its path.

The acting was another key role in the overall outcome of the movie. Six actresses had to come together and present a believable best-friend relationship on screen. Each actress also had their own quirk they had to bring to the table that not only defined them but also added a key ingredient to the overall mix of the friendship. Best friends fight, cry together, laugh together, and have their own specific atmosphere that surrounds them. Creating that friendship between the six women was probably the most important role of the actors, and they delivered.

With wine, a beautiful scenery, and six best friends, what could go wrong?”

Amy Poehler, who was cast as Abby, did a very commendable job at creating her character. She was portraying a woman that is kind of a mess, and the only way she is able to organize that mess is by controlling everything around her. She is the friend that likes to stick to the schedule. Poehler did an excellent job of carrying this sort of aura. Through her actions and words, I was easily able to characterize and relate to Abby.

Val, who was played by Paula Pell, was probably my favorite character. She remained as one of the lighter characters, and she always had something funny to say. Her sarcastic responses to other characters left me laughing multiple times and I just found her to be a lively character that I enjoyed getting to know over the screen.

Wine Country carries this overall lesson that friendship is a trip–literally. There is always going to be the ups and downs within every relationship, but the most important thing of a friendship is that you always come out of the downs in a positive way, having learned a variety of different lessons.

While the movie did contain some of-the-age remarks, I found it to be more than just a comedy. There were lessons scattered throughout the scenes, which added more value to the production and more reasons to savor the movie. The six women encounter a series of different events and the way they handle each one kept me engaged; I never found myself with a pull to go on my phone due to a boring scene.

The production was a feel-good comedy with a main cast of six best friends that will leave you laughing. Middle-age is quickly creeping up on them, but that doesn’t stop them from having a good time. With wine, beautiful scenery, and six best friends, what could go wrong?

Wine Country filled an hour and forty-three minutes of my Sunday with something that sent me into the new week with a light, positive outlook.