State of Vulnerability — A Free Verse


My nose shoves into the tide,

lungs aching from holding onto my only breath. 

The wind is howling, bringing wave after wave taunting me.

My legs grow wearier as I continue to march through the murky sand towards the never-ending horizon.  

The whitecaps growl, hitting me with another wall of salty water, 

continuing into a never-ending cycle. 

The storm grows stronger, circling above me. My eyes watch its every move meticulously only to get dizzier and dizzier. 

The claps of thunder egg me on; I want to reach the other side to spite it. My arms reach to grab more and more water, leaving me more jaded than before. As I look into the distance, I don’t see progress, I only see more challenge. 

Beyond me, an ocean of deep sapphire blue contains secrets unbeknownst; a vessel feared by mankind floats on a journey I now believe I wasn’t cut out for. 

I begin to ponder my own goal. Is this really what I want? Am I able to complete this? Am I ready for this? Will I ever be ready? 

In my state of vulnerability, I hear the air shriek into my ear. Next to me, a barrier of water blocks me from the horizon.

The numbing cold swallows me whole, leaving me to sink.

I catch one last glimpse of the top. The crashing of lightning glimmers through the water to form opaque clouds. It gives me the slightest bit of courage to swim up to the surface, but I know what resides for me there: pounding wall after wall of neverending waters. 

But what other choice do I have? Sink to the ocean floor? 

Before my mind asks anything of my body, I use every bit of strength to rise to the surface. 

My fingers scratch at the liquid in sheer determination. My legs thrust at the water in perseverance. I’m not done yet. 

My only desire is to complete this task. My only desire is to spite the roaring cracks of thunder and the screaming winds. 

I’m not sure how many times I will be thrown into the water. If I can survive it once, I will survive it again. There is nothing to fear. 

My senses steadily become unresponsive. I slowly feel myself collapse and become one with the waves, floating like driftwood.

My cramping toes against the warm sand comforts me. My skin dryer than ever. My eyes adjust to the beaming rays of golden sunshine. The sky is clear as day. My body is riddled with aches and pains. The crashing of each wave onto the shore reassures me that I made it to the horizon. My contentment washes over my sore body.

I made it.