Sophomore quarterback Hunter Robinson leads JV football to a 34-13 win


The sophomore offensive trio of Hunter Robinson, Rhosius Arius, and Tyler Weaver continue to prove as powerful assets to the strike force of the Rangers as they boosted their record to 2-0 with a 34-13 win against Zeeland East.

The game was complete deja vu from last week as FHC dominated on both ends. The Ranger offense continued to batter the Chix possession after possession, while the defense held them scoreless. Sophomores Carter Kelly and Will Richardson pushed the opposing offense back and allowed the offense to take over again and again until finally, the buzzer sounded for halftime. The Rangers showed their dominance and led 34-0 going into the second half.

The third and fourth quarters started out similarly to the first half, but eventually Zeeland East found their groove. They pushed the ball relentlessly as if to punish the Rangers for their first-half showing, but the Chix only got so far. They managed 13 points in the second half and also ended up stopping FHC’s offense. It was back and forth in the final minutes, but the Rangers had already obtained the win with the help of their first-half performance.

This win boosted the Ranger’s record to 2-0 and was a much needed second win. The team is planning to continue its streak with another win on Thursday, September 12 at home when they take on the Grandville Bulldogs.