Elena Nasser– Sophomore Class Vice President

Elena Nasser-- Sophomore Class Vice President

Payton Field , Staff Writer

Elena Nasser

Current Grade: Freshman

Running for:  Sophomore Vice President

Q: Why are you running for Vice President?
A: I want to make a difference in this school. It’s cliche, but true. FHC is wonderful, and I want to help make it the best it can be.

Q: Did you run for anything in previous years?
A: Not at FHC, but I was involved in student council in elementary and middle school.

Q: What impact would you like to have on FHC?
A: I’d like to emphasize service projects and whole student body involvement.

Q: What separates you from other candidates?
A: I believe that my experience and my passion sets me apart. I’ve been involved in leadership programs since elementary school, and it’s something that is important to me.

Q: What would you like to change the most?
A: I want to get as many students as possible involved in activities such as Homecoming Week.

Q: What other things are you involved in at FHC?
A: I love acting/performing, and have done 2 shows at FHC so far. I’m hoping to continue with FHC theatre.

Q: What motivated you to run?
A: I want to be more involved in FHC, and I thought Student Council would be a good way to do that.

Q: What is the most valuable characteristic within yourself that will help you run?
A: I am able to look at details and see the big picture, how they all connect.

Q: What teacher has influenced you the most during high school?
A: Mrs. DeMeester has influenced me most, through her English class and the theatre program.