The Jonas Brothers have another hit and adorable music video with the release of “What a Man Gotta Do”

When simple strums of a guitar accompany Nick Jonas’ angelic, unfabricated voice, you know a song is going to be good. So, when the Jonas Brothers’ latest single “What a Man Gotta Do” began with just that, I knew that my adoration of and obsession with the song was only going to grow as the song continued. 

The single “What a Man Gotta” do was released last week; therefore, it’s not included in the Jonas Brothers’ latest album: Happiness Begins. Even though the Jonas Brothers’ comeback album is completely iconic in its own way and features catchy, chart-topping hits such as “Sucker,” “Only Human,” and “Cool,” the band’s latest single ensures that their success has only just begun.  

Essentially, the single covers the topic of the brothers questioning what they must accomplish or do in order for the subject of the song to be completely committed to them. The youngest of the three brothers in the band, Nick, has his vocals featured in the verses and in the background of the chorus, and the vocals of his two older brothers, Kevin and Joe, are included in the chorus of the song. 

The music video that accompanies “What a Man Gotta Do” adorably includes the three wives of the Jonas Brothers: Danielle Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Priyanka Chopra. The wives were first highlighted in the music video of “Sucker” which has a whopping 246 million views on Youtube in only ten months. Comparably, the “What a Man Gotta Do” music video has accumulated 20 million views in a week. 

Personally, I prefer the “What a Man Gotta Do” video because it’s a compilation of the Jonas Brothers’ take on certain scenes in three classic movies: Grease (1978), Risky Business (1983), and Say Anything (1989). Although the “Sucker” video features gorgeous imagery and costuming, the relation of the plot and meaning to the subject of the song falls short. 

Also, I grew up watching Grease; as a matter of fact, it’s one of my parents’ all-time favorite movies. So, I was nothing but excited to view a modern rendition of the national dance-off scene in the music video. Standout aspects of the original scene are the over-the-top dancing and borderline obnoxious facial expressions of the participants in the dance-off; I was pleased to see that the Jonas Brothers included this specific aspect in their recreation of the scene. 

Because “What a Man Gotta Do” covers a topic involving love that is not heavy, and conveys this topic through an upbeat, catchy tune, I believe that the single has the potential to soon top the Billboard Hot 100 like “Sucker” did last March. 

“What a Man Gotta Do” music video: