FHC JV Football Catches Fire Against FHN

FHC JV Football Catches Fire Against FHN

Will Kuiper, Sports Reporter

FHN took the opening kickoff of the game to the house. The crowd and coaches were left asking themselves how their Rangers would respond. After 39 minutes, 59 points, a second half shutout, the answer seemed clear. FHC caught fire after the opening kickoff and stayed hot throughout the game.

After the opening FHN kickoff return for a touchdown, FHC never looked back. The team was led by sophomores Cam Deines, Luke Majick and Tate Hallock. They combined for most of the Ranger’s touchdowns on the day. Cam and Luke created two big plays in the first quarter to completely shift the momentum of the game. Both were run plays of 40 plus yards that helped to establish a ground game.

“Our O-line is really good,” said Luke, who is the starting quarterback. “Cam hits the holes at full speed, and it makes my job much easier.”

As the night went on, Luke started to rip the FHN defense apart. He hit Cam on a 70 yard pass down the sideline for a touchdown. Luke was working well with all of his receivers.

“Everything was really working,” assistant coach Andrew Kimball said. “We really came out and executed in this game.”

On the other side of the ball, FHC came out and gave up only 16 points after the kickoff return on the first play of the night. Finally, FHC righted the ship and was able to keep FHN off the board in the second half.

“They were gashing us pretty good on their counter play,” defensive coordinator Drew Klopcic said. “They got us pretty good, and we needed our outside linebackers to play a little tougher. If they didn’t stop counter, we weren’t going to win. They came back in the second half, they listened, and did what we asked. As a result, we came out with the victory.”

Overall, the game was a statement win for FHC.  This win against FHN is something the Rangers will be able to build on as they meet up with a good Lowell team next week.

“We were ready to play this game,” Kimball said. “They were fired up and showed that they wanted to beat their crosstown rival.”