Empress Of’s newest album will engulf you in its endearing electricity


Empress Of’s third album I’m Your Empress Of is a breath of fresh air

With stay-at-home orders wreaking havoc on the old normal, many of us have found cheap comfort in creating a new sense of normalcy. By sticking to routines that are anything but glamorous, we have forgotten what it’s like to feel refreshed and fresh off the runway. Empress Of’s newest album I’m Your Empress Of not only made me feel like the next ‘it girl’ but transported me to an entirely new world, far better than our old Earth that everyone is missing. 

Empress Of’s sound seems synonymous to Saturn’s circlets if they were sonorous. Her voice is so deliciously, translucently full yet free that it allows the electronic infusions to swim through her lyrics, creating the highest level of idiosyncratic sounds. Empress Of’s voice, however, isn’t the only one featured on the album.

Empress Of’s mother recording her interludes on the album I’m Your Empress Of

Empress Of’s mother makes multiple appearances on the album which are just as heartwarming as they are out of the blue. Her heavily-accented English proves that lyricism isn’t found in flowery words but rather in meaning and expression, which her interludes are anything but bereft of. Empress Of’s inclusions of her mother’s advice not only show her authenticity as an artist but also her talent at mixing mediums in her music.

“Bit Of Rain” is irrefutably astronomically astronautical. The way Empress Of’s voice so statically yet elegantly drapes over the techno-pop beat elevates you to a higher level of thinking and an even higher level of dance. Not only does this song put your head in the clouds, but it lets your mind swim in the stars. 

“Love is a Drug” replicates the same danceability as was found in “Bit Of Rain,” but mellifluously harshens the tone of the song, creating a club-esque ambiance. Though it yields to repetition, this song fails to cower before constant self-reinvention as the melody progresses. With each minute you listen to the song, a new ingredient within the sound emerges and enamors you with its uniqueness and baffles you as to how you’ve never heard anything like it before.

“Give Me Another Chance” starts off with whispers as the voltaic vibrations flirt with your ear and pulse with your heart—or rather, convince your heart to pulse with them. This song slowly chips away at even the most statuesque of listeners until all that’s left is an undeniable groove and sway. Everything about this song fulfills the needs of a party that yearns to be thrown within us all and graces each one of us with its sultry electricity.

“Maybe This Time” is best described as a space jungle. It delves deep in the electric trenches of the seas of alternative music while cascading over the lyrical waterfalls of indie-pop. This song screams wanderlust as you feel the urge to scream with it; it relieves you of any environmental border as its sounds take you from desert to mountain to ocean to forest, traveling with you as you cross boundaries of music untrodden until this song was released.

Despite this review limiting I’m Your Empress Of to a four-part album, it’s much more than a four-leaf clover in the garden of music. I’m Your Empress Of is composed of thirteen tracks that shock you in new ways every time you hit play. Each song is as unprecedented as its predecessor and delivers that salt-and-pepper, hot-and-cold, light-and-dark sound that makes Empress Of’s music so unique. 

I’m Your Empress Of is a trailblazer on the music scene that delivers a sound that will leave you dizzy and sparking.