What it looks like to create a sense of community


Quarantine has been hard for us all; it’s making it harder to communicate with friends, making it harder for us to get the goods that we need from stores, and it’s even making school harder because we aren’t face-to-face with our teachers. Our world is experiencing so much hurt in these trying times, so what good could possibly come out of it?

Parts of our world are starting to heal, with fewer and fewer factories manufacturing and emitting toxic pollutants, and the environment is getting time to heal and revive. I feel like I relate to this in some ways. I’ve met so many amazing people going through similar struggles that I am during this time.

We are all locked up in our houses— some of us are flooded with school work—and we have little motivation to get anything done. Quarantine is affecting each person differently, but it’s nice to see and relate to someone during such a time of confusion and uncertainty. 

I never knew any of these people before quarantine, so, if anything, quarantine brought us together to create a community and a safe place during this pandemic. 

Fear can do so many things to a person.”

I believe during this time that our community should be becoming stronger and that this is a chance to come together as a human race for once in a very long time. A sense of community can go a long way by building people up and showing that there is someone out there for you to talk to. People can find comfort in knowing that there are others going through similar problems.

This is our chance to come together and help each other because we are all fighting against this virus. This is a time where everyone has one main fear or problem; this should be bringing us together.

And in some cases it has. I have met some people I am so grateful for because we are all experiencing similar things, but why are groups of people still fighting or wanting to put the blame on someone?

Fear can do so many things to a person; fear has been our downfall as a human race when it should be bringing us together. We are all scared of the same thing: COVID-19. But, we are still choosing to blame groups of people for the virus or deciding to riot against those trying to help. 

This is our chance to come together where there was no chance before. Reach out to someone and develop a sense of community while we have the time.