Maude Latour is altering music as we know it one song at a time


Maude Latour’s release party for her newest single “Furniture” was absolutely unforgettable.

The ever-humming electricity, entrancing dance moves, and enveloping vibrations found in a concert crowd are something I’ve never been lucky enough to experience. To shout at the top of your lungs to songs you’ve driven, danced, and dreamt to while the songwriter is just a few feet away is an idea so borderline phantasmagoric that it’s always seemed too silly of a situation to imagine myself in. 

Despite the mania of the moment, I still craved the sensation of drowning in a mosh-pit and swaying with the sounds; but, with the current state of the world, the dream of going to my first concert had put up a gone fishing sign with nothing heralding when it would return. Understandably, I was devastated.

Cue Maude Latour.

Maude Latour on her Instagram story (@maudelstatus) after “Furniture” was released.

I was caught in between the feelings of insomnia and adrenaline when I found Maude Latour’s music. Hearing her for the first time was splendid, sublime, and superb. Hearing her was like hearing the silenced voices of water lilies and weeping willows. Hearing her was like dancing in the electromagnetic field amongst the daisies and the infrared waves. 

Hearing her was unforgettable. 

At the time of my discovery, she had only one EP composed of six songs to her name, but her lyricism, sound, and overall uniqueness bordered those of artists who are decades into the business. At the time of this article’s publishing, Latour now has one EP composed of six songs to her name as well as one new single called “Furniture.”

To celebrate her new song’s release, Latour hosted an online release party on Zoom adorned with DJ’s, groovy tunes, talk sessions, and lots and lots of dancing. At its maximum, the party had somewhere around 200 participants—music connoisseurs such as Abby Wright, Lynlee Derrick, and I were included. 

The experience, just like her voice, was enthralling; it gave me everything I could’ve asked for from a first concert but with added benefits. Arguably one of the best parts of the concert was the cycle of dance solos performed by everyone on the Zoom call. As the music continued, the dancing went with it, and everyone had a moment where their screen was pinned as everyone else watched them dance it out. 

The single screenshot of me dancing when I had my screen pinned–captured by Lynlee Derrick.

I was lucky enough to have my screen pinned seven times, and each time I danced my absolute heart out to music that brought light to the most cavernous parts of my soul. Though I am not a dancer and my limbs are quasi-lethal when used for ‘dancing’ purposes, everyone hyped me up in the chat, and Maude Latour herself even said a couple of words I’ll never forget:



The pure, unadulterated happiness I felt transported me to a world unlittered by all the bad in the world, and I felt truly alive. I almost forgot the reason I was there—to listen to her new single. “Furniture” was preceded by one and a half hours of classic hits and indie treasures DJ’d by Silver Sphere and Chloe Lilac. But none of the new single’s predecessors could even compare to the song which Latour herself deemed ‘the f****** love of my life.’

The first thirty seconds of the song had been teased across all social media for weeks before its release, but even despite it being familiar, the first sounds of “Furniture” simply screamed talent, dedication, and lyricism. Everything was new and exciting and catchy and lyrical and revolutionary. 

“Furniture” unlocked a new level of joy in my heart and deeper meaning of happiness in my head. Listening to it is unlike any other experience. It makes you feel like you have spotlights running through your veins. It makes you feel like there’s wind whipping your hair on a day where looking disheveled feels gorgeous. It makes you feel like fireworks and sparklers on a summer night.

“Furniture” feels like your own personal concert mixed with a private dance session. 

With her charming and incandescent personality, alluring music, and inventive quarantine concerts, Maude Latour is reinventing what it means to be a musician in the modern era and is setting standards that all musicians should strive to meet. Latour and her music spread so much love and joy it’s as if she’s in it for the music just as much as she is for the people. 

Maude Latour’s release party was a spectacle of validation, euphoria, and paradise, and each replay of “Furniture” will only remind me of one of the best nights of my life for which I’ll forever be thankful.