JV field hockey fails to keep sight of Dexter as they are defeated 3-0


JV field hockey had a well-fought game against Dexter High School at 6:00 on a cold Tuesday evening. They were tied at 0 until halftime, when Dexter pulled ahead and took over for the win in the second half, scoring 3 straight goals.

Although they lost, the girls still excelled with their chemistry, which will prove vital in future games. They were struggling to get shots on goal, but seek for defensive and midfield assistance to allow these opportunities. The Dreadnaughts pushed through with ease, but were halted on multiple occasions by the Rangers. This defensive presence is what allowed FHC to stay in the game.

The girls made a good first impression for their first game, even though they were unable to take the win. The girls’ record is now 0-1, and their next matchup is tonight against Rockford at 6:00 PM.