Girls JV golf falls short in a loss against Lowell

Louis Craffey

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Girls JV golf falls short in a loss against Lowell

The girls JV golf team fell to Lowell on Monday, losing 215 to 201. Despite the loss, there were some great performances from sophomore Serena Theide who scored a 50, and freshman Eisley Sandefur who scored a 53. Although the outcome wasn’t what they hoped, the girls seem to be improving every game since the start. 

“The team played great, tough loss. They are working hard and improving. This was our best score at home this year,” head coach Chris Sobieck said.

The team is really making strides to get better and better. Last game against Greenville they recorded a combined score of 230. But it was a different story as they had a combined score of 215 against Lowell. 

“We are all improving a lot compared to how we have been playing,” Serena said. “We all really work hard, not only to play well, but to get better as the season progresses.”

The team sits at a record of 3-7 right now, and will play their next game with a chip on their shoulder as they face Lowell for a second straight game.