Fall fashion trends: into it or over it


With fall coming to a close in a few short weeks, it’s seemingly time to address both the mishaps and fabulous trends fashion influencers have brought to life this season. Style is a form of expression, something everyone inhibits and should continue to inhibit within themselves; here, however, are my personal opinions regarding what’s been in style.

Chunky trainers—“dad sneakers”—have exponentially increased in popularity. Honestly, I used to find disgust in these cloggy shoes, but when styled with the right pieces, I think they can definitely be pulled off. The sneakers are primarily manufactured by New Balance footwear manufacturing company; I’ve seen them primarily worn with mom jeans, tennis skirts, and sweatshirts. Occasionally, they are paired with satin slip dresses to increase the elegance of an otherwise simple item.

Micro bags are playing a part in many couture outfits right now. These teeny purses provide no utility advantage—which to most is the main purpose of a bag—but I still approve fully. These little handhelds have become a statement in several looks, ranging in several pastel colors, transparencies, and materials such as crocodile leather.

I do not know how Gucci belts are still in style; I don’t understand why people continue to purchase these. For a while, Gucci belts were somewhat cute, but honestly, I think that the only reason people want to wear them is because they’re made by a designer brand. I strongly dislike these belts; in some cases, money is not style. These belts are cheesy to me and at this point, overworn. Save your two hundred to twelve hundred dollars.

Another trend that made the appearance on many popular stores’ websites was patchwork, specifically denim. Patchwork was big this fall on pants, featuring several different colors of denim scraps. Oversized jackets also began to implement patchwork which was a statement, for sure. I do not necessarily see this vintage trend lasting, but, for the time being, it has my stamp of approval.

Blazer sets took over jumpsuits. Thank goodness. The blazers—typically oversized onesI’ve seen worn on many influencers. Blazer sets allow for a very garconne, Coco Chanel-type look, alluring to the girly side of many. These sets emit a professional or more business-oriented mood and, reportedly, are comfortable. Though many of these sets are expensive, I can see these outfits continuing to trend for a while.

Lastly, we have the tennis skirt which has been styled since last spring. This piece has been implemented into a variety of outfits, and worn by many. The garments are versatile and comfortable, most coming in neutral tones such as beige and white. These skirts are flattering, and if the cold permits the desire for girls to wear them this winter, I can assure you they’ll be back in the spring.

Fashion is one of the best forms of self expression, allowing us to show the world who we are. This year’s trends, like everything else in 2020, are ever changing; curiosity arises on what will next be commonwear on the street. Cheers to choosing empowering pieces that make us feel our best.