Rebecca was full of stunning visuals and was a beautiful piece

When I first started watching Rebecca, I assumed it would be a basic thriller. Even the brief description provided on Netflix for this film made me prepare for a boring night, but this film proceeded to entrance me. 

The movie was based on a lady’s companion marrying a very wealthy man who had recently lost his wife—Rebecca. After they finish their honeymoon, they arrive at his colossal mansion where his new wife must deal with the devious housekeeper and the new role she has as a caretaker of a stupendous house. Throughout this film, the viewer can really see her struggle to step into the shoes of Rebecca, a role she seems to struggle with, leaving her devastated and questioning herself. 

Although this sounds like any suspenseful movie, this cinematic masterpiece was interwoven with hidden meanings. I was left shocked as the film continued to take turns I never expected. Only at the end of the film did every piece of the movie click into place. 

Not only did Rebecca have a fantastic storyline, but it was shot in a stunning manner that expressed the raw emotions that were projected by the actors. The music and the seemingly random clips of different parts of the rooms that were displayed in the movie only added to the suspense in a beautiful way. 

The actors played their part beautifully as well. They made a seemingly boring plot into a fantastical story and left me yearning to know what was going to happen. The actors truly stepped into the place of the characters and managed to express the perfect amount of emotion in every scene. They managed to show the scalding anger of the husband without a single word and express the internal conflict within the main character, Mrs. De Winter (Lily James), elegantly and in a way I could truly relate to.

The movie was set in the popular areas of Cornwall. It fully depicted the wealth and glamour of the extremely rich ladies and gentlemen that dominated the background characters of this film. The beautiful clothing worn by both the main characters and the background actors made me long to be in that time with them if only to dress in the stunning silks and perfectly paired outfits worn throughout the whole movie. 

The interior of Manderley was just as stunning, making me covet a room as elegant and as decadent as Rebecca’s. The interior was filled with dark oak wood and stonework that properly expressed the wealth of the De Winters and added to the suspense of several of the scenes. 

Rebecca was mystical and extraordinary in every way; it shattered my expectations and left me wanting more at the end. It beautifully played out a shocking storyline and managed to create just the perfect amount of suspense that left me on my toes. Just as soon as the film led me to make my conclusions on the backstory of Mr. De Winter, it included new information or new scenes that completely shifted my view of all the characters.

I am so thankful that I watched this movie and will continue recommending it to anyone and everyone. It was the definition of a cinematic masterpiece and is completely astounding.