The Shallows Movie Review


Payton Field , Marketing Manager

In the crystal clear waters and the big rolling waves of Hawaii, a private and secluded beach hides, cautiously awaiting surfers and beach bums. The sun sits high in the sky and seagulls roam the area, singing to the sound of crashing water and sizzling sand. But underneath this picturesque view is a bloody and terrifying secret: a secret so terrifying that it is willing to do whatever it takes to take a snap and chomp. The secret to the scenic beach has a snapping jaw, swift stroke, and malevolent attitude. While sitting in a dark basement, the movie the Shallows made me jump out of my seat in terror and gasp in astonishment.

In this film, Nancy (played by Blake Lively) searches for the secluded and private beach that only her deceased mother knew of. Once she finds it and decides to go surfing, she meets a major obstacle. A shark stalking the beach attacks her and she is left with a gaping wound on her thigh. Each failed attempt at rescue leaves her fighting to stay afloat and alive.

When watching this movie, it is hard not to compare it to other movies such as Jaws and Soul Surfer. The three movies center around a vicious shark and innocent protagonists. In comparison to Soul Surfer, I personally like the plotline of the Shallows better. And in comparison to Jaws, I would have to disagree and say I like Jaws better. The Shallows is a thrilling movie and although each part leaves me hanging, classic movies like Jaws keep me guessing and scared even more vividly.

Blake Lively, playing Nancy, is casted perfectly for this role. Although I love Blake Lively and I may be a little biased, I don’t think anyone else could have done this part justice. She nailed it and I would give her 5 out of 5 stars.

Now, if I were to ask myself about what makes a good thriller, there would be three points I would bring up. A good thriller has…

  1. A talented central character. (Blake Lively)
  2. A life threatening and dangerous plotline.
  3. An unexpected ending

The Shallow’s meets all of those expectations. If you’re looking a for a new and improved shark attack movie or a thrilling action packed adventure, I would recommend this one.