Random Acts of Talent show informational Q&A: Robbin DeMeester

1. How will R.A.T. look different this year as opposed to previous years?

“We are trying to remain fluid with the dates and how it will be shared with our audience. It will also be hosted by two seniors as opposed to our dynamic duo of Anderson and Chudy. The hosts will be revealed on Friday, January 8, on FX.”

2. When will auditions take place?

“Auditions will be held in person on Thursday, January 14.”

3. When will the show take place?

“While we hope to have two shows live on February 6 at the [Fine Arts Center], it may very well have to be virtual.”

4. Will there be a virtual viewing option?

“We are planning on live-streaming it or, if need be, streaming it for a fee. [The] showtime [is] hopefully February 6, but [that’s] still to be determined.”

5. What part of R.A.T. are you looking forward to the most this year?

“I’m looking forward to some great senior acts by the class of 2021. I’m looking forward to the senior guy act that a bunch of my first-semester Senior English students promised me. I’m looking forward to [senior] Jack Fitzgibbons and his hotdog eating act. I’m looking forward to the energy that the hosts will bring to the show. Quite frankly, I’m super excited about getting to have a show at all. It’s going to be epic.”