Align Nutrition opened my eyes to delicious, healthy desserts


The align nutrition logo located inside the store.

On certain days, like this current one, I start to have a craving for a large sugar-packed shake. The flavor doesn’t really matter to me as long as the cup is filled with the sweet flavor I desire. 

Unfortunately, I don’t often get the chance to grab the shake I long for. I’m either busy or the line for my sought-after treat is far too long. Although, more often than not, it’s simply due to the outrageous amount of sugar hidden within the cup. 

As a sports player with a goal of staying in shape, it can be quite difficult to convince myself to give up the time and money required to grab a quick shake from a nearby restaurant.

Luckily, Align Nutrition was able to meet my demands while incorporating a variety of vitamins, proteins, and minerals into the delicious shake. 

As soon as I walked into the door, I was greeted by a friendly woman behind the counter.  While she helped me throughout the process of choosing, I was shocked to see that the order paper included a variety of options for drinks, including extra protein, vitality shots, pre-workout, and a large collection of other enhancements. 

I was yet again surprised when the barista notified me that each order came with both a custom shake and a tea mixed with aloe.

Align Nutrition was able to meet my demands while incorporating a variety of vitamins, proteins, and minerals into the delicious shake.”

— Paulina Diesen

The first question that popped into my head as I glanced at the array of drinks was the cost. I had prepared myself with a half-off coupon I received in my messages after following them on Instagram, but the worry that this trip would empty out my wallet was a definite concern. 

I couldn’t find a clear indication of the price anywhere, but I was relieved when she told me that the cost was nine dollars not including extra shots of various powders that had their extra prices named on the paper. Although it was not as low of a price as I had hoped for, it seemed reasonable considering the complexity of the shakes and the ingredients that were used within the shake and tea.

I ended up choosing a peanut butter cookie dough shake as well as a peach tea with mango aloe. 

I had both of my choices in front of me within minutes, both of them looking incredibly delicious and teasing me with the thought of a first sip. After my friend paid for both my and his drinks, coming out to nine dollars, I immediately dug into the shake. I was expecting it to taste mediocre because protein powder and other exercise boosters tend to leave a terrible after-taste, but this shake tasted delicious and I didn’t want to stop drinking it. 

I disregarded the slightly powdered texture as I wondered how something so healthy could taste so good. I quickly put the shake down and reached for the tea, hoping for as wonderful a flavor as I had received from my first drink. 

Unfortunately, I was hoping for a more intense flavor. This was most likely due to the fact that I usually take my tea with sugar in it, while this tea had no sugar added. However, the tea was still refreshing, and I could taste hints of the peach and mango flavors as the aloe mixed with the rest of the tea.

This small cafe was definitely a different experience than I was used to. They showed me that healthy foods can be created into treats that fulfill a desire for something delicious all while leaving me nourished.

I’m already planning my next trip to this store and am excited to try more of the shake flavors.