She’s no longer envious of the sun, but grateful she is like the moon


I once was envious of the girl in my class with the freckles splattered across her nose.

I was jealous of the adventures she went on,

The days spent in the sun to procure them–

I desired to radiate warmth just as she did.


I tried to be like her.

I tried to be bubbly, 

And work on my hug-giving skills,

And attempted to go on adventures that filled me with bliss.


But I don’t feel at home in the blistering heat.


As I sit perched upon my mattress with soft tunes humming from my computer,

I can’t help but fall in love with the slow shifting colors my oil diffuser produces.

And I am infatuated with the quiet that is produced when the moon is present.

I’m not like the sun, and I’m okay with that sentiment.


I have come to terms with the fact that I am not like the center of our solar system,

Not even close.

I’m oddly not phased; 

I always knew I was more like the moon in the sense that I thrive off of my peace.


I may not be like the sun, but I wouldn’t trade being like the moon,

For I get to surround myself with people who are in fact the definition of sunlight through an old, glass window.

It completes me— 

Different parts to a singular being.


I have always known I am as calm as the moon.

He sits there in the sky with nothing better to do than cast the world in a soft halo.

And I have always admired the way he is ever-changing;

We are both attuned to the fact the change is necessary for growth.


I have come to terms with the fact that I am not like the center of our solar system, Not even close.”


He recognizes that change isn’t an unavoidable evil,

But a part of the very life he lives,

A necessary push back to his actions,

Proof that you don’t ever really lose yourself.


And as the moon cycles through itself,

It commands the tides in a way I can only aspire towards.

I aspire to carry myself with a similar omnipresent aura.

It’s inspiring to witness the pull it has on our own planet.


But my favorite part of being one with the moon has nothing to do with the planet that encircles our earth,

But the people who I put in the middle of my solar system.

The people in my life who truly embody the nurturing star that is light years away.