Prada’s Summer 2021 collection pushes boundaries, breaking through fashion norms

Pradas Summer 2021 collection pushes boundaries, breaking through fashion norms

While 2021 has been made up of different fashion aesthetics, one of the main brands that stay relevant in modern looks is Prada. Little details such as corsets, straps, and long belts have made up a majority of 2021’s bold choices in aesthetics that go hand-in-hand together and can be seen in a lot of Prada’s collections. Prada is known for their punk-looking designs that dabble in a subcategory of an indie girl gone edgy, which is more common for social media exposed teens. 

A lot of Prada’s articles of clothing are extremely pricey and up there in the industry with big name brands like Gucci or Louis Vuitton. Despite the money required to wear a full Prada look, a lot of teens who have a following on apps like TikTok and Instagram can be seen sporting the brand’s accessories and inspired looks.

While the average person can’t afford most looks in Prada’s Summer 2021 collection, elements from the look book inspire everyday fashion. Layering is something you can find on the streets of any bustling city, and while Prada didn’t create this trend, they keep this look present throughout their own designs. Back in 2019, the trendy black-and-white-striped, long-sleeve undershirt was a staple of teen girls on social media and the first time that Gen Z met layering. 

Since 2019, putting a bland shirt under something like a graphic t-shirt has affected all aesthetics; Prada keeps layering relevant since the TikTok trend spread like wildfire only a few years prior to today. In Prada’s newest collection, the Summer 2021 collection, there’s a lot of under-shirts that can be seen with almost every single look.

Something that has been another staple of edgy fashion is chain necklaces. TikTokers like Avani Gregg wear their Prada chain necklaces with pride. Their necklaces act as a subtle hint to their success and money they’ve gotten from having millions of followers on the hit app. While it’s less likely that you’ll see this two-hundred-dollar necklace while you’re out and about, other cheaper chain necklaces can be seen worn by teens as well.

While Prada has created a necklace of their own, a more affordable chain and locket necklace is something that all genders have been seen wearing. While this trend has been around for a couple of years, it’s really cool to see celebrities and everyday people wearing something similar. 

Fashion can connect different groups of people, and while cheaper accessories are usually thought of as tacky, most stores that teens will buy their chain necklaces from actually complement the Prada chain necklace. Without everyone else supporting the trend, Prada wouldn’t be as likely to have people wear this famous accessory. Knock off or not, regular chain necklaces add to Prada’s popularity.

While this collection doesn’t show off a lot of accessories other than large purses, I think that later on in 2022, the chains should be a focal point of a fall collection. Matching different textures together is the main part of a lot of people’s wardrobes and matching silver necklaces with dark colors is something that more people should experiment with.

Something that isn’t specifically claimed by anyone’s fashion brand or even aesthetic is a complete dark look. Adding pops of color is something that a lot of people tend to do, but something about wearing all dark colors draws your eyes to this person’s outfit in a positive way. When you think of Prada, you might think of a dark color palette and little to no color adding throughout the looks. Actually, Prada tends to include monochrome outfits with vibrant colors like yellow to change up the usual dark looks, which can be especially seen in the Summer 2021 collection. Adding these colors doesn’t take away from the fame that comes with their goth-looking outfits.

Surprisingly, Prada hasn’t incorporated everything that most people expected from them this season. While a lot of popular trends right now are coming back from only a few years ago, Prada may be trying to pull away from those safe options and dabble in completely different areas of fashion.

While striped undershirts and layering are appealing to the eye, it is only because it has now become common, but Prada is everything from that. The designers behind the mastermind that is this influential brand are obviously straying away from the ordinary to create the new normal.