Strawberry Guy’s newest singles chime with comfort and color


Jessie Warren

Strawberry Guy’s two newest singles on a playlist I created solely for the cover of this article.

I was searching rather unsuccessfully for an item to review when my fellow-TCT staff member and long-time musical cohort, Kelsey Dantuma, asked if I’d ever heard of Strawberry Guy.

Upon my curious no, she fell silent for mere seconds before responding with a stubborn, “Trust me, you have.”

As a musical artist, Strawberry Guy is actually an impressionist painter who turns the genre’s artful realism into melodic tunes. And while his wistfully vivid creations carry with them an unforgettable quality, it’s the first few seconds of his 2019 single “Mrs Magic” that truly put him on the map.

Being what Kelsey referred to, the track gained significant traction on both Spotify and TikTok, and I—along with many others—have heard of Strawberry Guy, often without even knowing it.

Yet, to know of his music is far different than to dive into its hazy depths, a truth I learned when I hopped over to my preferred streaming platform to listen to his two most recent singles, “Sun Outside My Window” and “Company.” Both congruent yet unique, listeners can completely escape into the rhythm and lyrics, sinking into a world of infinite color and vibrancy.

Yet, to know of his music is far different than to dive into its hazy depths…

“Sun Outside My Window”—which was released around a month ago—carries with it an upbeat air of mid-day picnics. With syntax similar to the hues of the cover art, the music itself radiates a specific energy I can’t quite place my finger on. All I know is that the optimistic beat combined with the up-to-interpretation lyrics make the track a calming, imaginative listen.

I felt myself reminiscing as I listened to the melody for the first time, and its overall energy was a rare and warmly-welcomed addition to my playlist.

On the polar opposite end of the musical spectrum, “Company” carries with it a desperate spirit. Acting as a sort of lonely person’s anthem, the song presents the message of taking time to come to terms with life. Every person processes information in their own way and on their own timeline, an idea that Strawberry Guy layers over an inviting and shallow inflection to tell a familiar and comforting story.

Having listened to both singles—as well as many other members of Strawberry Guy’s discography—I find myself grateful for the recommendation from a friend. Even though I’d secretly known of him prior to this exploration, he has become a notable voice within my Spotify selection and one I will continue turning to for not only comfort, but a sense of belonging.