The Remarried Empress has an intriguing plot that pulled me from chapter to chapter

The Remarried Empress has an intriguing plot that pulled me from chapter to chapter

The comic, The Remarried Empress, contains a glorified emperor, a beloved empress, and a two-faced mistress.

The story’s main character, Navier, has been destined to become empress since she was a child and grew up to fulfill that destiny with her husband, Sovieshu, by her side. Everything seems to be going well in their lives until Sovieshu meets an unknown woman during a hunting trip.

Navier is the empress of the Eastern Great Empire and has been married to Sovishu, the emperor, for many years. Sovieshu comes home from a hunting trip with a woman named Rashta who was injured by one of his hunting traps. He made it his responsibility to take care of the woman until she was nursed back to health, but he ended up falling in love with her instead. Navier didn’t mind it, even when he announced her as his mistress, until she became a threat to her throne.

The comic, The Remarried Empress, was recommended to me by a friend of mine who adored it. After reading it over the course of a few days, I’ve come to love it just as much. The political aspect is just as interesting as the romantic aspect. Since Navier was bred to be the empress at an early age, she knew that, at some point, Sovieshu would have a mistress, and this made me feel sympathy for her because a child should not have to be told that her future husband would love someone else. 

As Sovieshu is slowly starting to love Rashta more than Navier, she is forced to watch and keep her face as neutral as possible. Another main factor in this triangle, or rather square, is Heinrey, the Prince of the Western Kingdom. Heinrey is one of my absolute favorite characters because of his actions that always make me laugh and his easy-going personality. He’s an amazing friend to Navier and eventually becomes someone more.

Heinrey is there with Navier throughout the story and helps her deal with her emotions simply by being her friend. When Rashta, the emperor’s mistress, starts to manipulate the court from the inside, it makes the story more interesting since that leads to secrets she works hard to keep and alliances with people who should be locked up in a mental hospital. Fans of this comic changed Rashta’s name to the nickname ‘Trashta,’ and I couldn’t agree more with the fitting play-on word.

In the prologue, it shows the scene that I started reading the comic for. The scene was Sovieshu requesting a divorce so that he can marry Rashta and Navier asking for approval for her remarriage to Heinrey right after. After reading that certain scene, I was wondering how everything occurred to get to that point, which is why I was pulled along with each chapter.

The art in the comic is spectacular, and the details that Sumpul, the illustrator, incorporated into each of the characters are beautiful. The way the emotions in each of the characters’ faces matched Alphatart’s was amazing, and the author’s words were incredible. There were so many scenes with Heinrey that I would start laughing at because his expressions would be priceless.

The author ends the season with an episode that is leaving me waiting for when the next season will come out. This webtoon combines a multitude of things; romance is the main focus, but the way of the court or the secrets that keep me wanting to read more is what makes it a compelling plot. It was one of the best I’ve read in a long time.