Eshana Kaur defines the melodies of her life through the people she meets


Eshana (right) with her friend, sophomore Charlie Molitor at a football game

Sophomore Eshana Kaur has established a sixth love language throughout her life: music 

Through the therapeutic aspects melodies can bring, Eshana has created many bonds with her peers through her passion for music while enjoying her favorite tunes in comfortable solitude.

“I shower to music,” Eshana said, “I drive to music, [and] I do homework to music. Music is just always there in the background; it’s like white noise [for me]. I also dance to music, and I break out in song. When I’m in a singing mood, I just start belting.”

While Eshana loves listening to music, she also enjoys creating music in many ways. Being in the school’s only audition choir class for zero hour and being a part of Colorguard, Eshana is constantly surrounded by her passion.

Though her love for music is currently very prominent in her current life, she has been surrounded by this passion her entire life.

“[My passion for music started] when I was three [years old],” Eshana said. “I’ve been singing for a really long time, so music has always been a part of my life ever since I was really little. [A memory I have] is dancing with my family, because music is a big thing in Indian culture, [and] going to parties is so fun. My brother plays trombone for U of M, and he’s minoring in music too, so he’s big on music, and my parents [are] always dancing around the house to music.”

Because music has been a constant presence in Eshana’s life, she has grown to adore its place in her heart and create friendships through her love for it. She surrounds herself with people who contain the same values as her, especially music.

These bonds she has established allow her love for the arts to grow more each day because everyone around her indulges in her passions as well.

“I think the people [are what make music special],” Eshana said, “like [sophmore] Charlie [Molitor], he’s really into music, and I think it’s a sense of showing your love. He sends songs to me, and I feel like that’s really sweet. [Music] is a form of love to me, [and] that’s also how [I show my love] to other people too, like I will make a playlist for you and send you songs.”

[Music] is a form of love to me, [and] that’s also how [I show my love] to other people too, like I will make a playlist for you and send you songs.”

— Eshana Kaur

Another way Eshana has made connections through music is Colorguard. As a member of the Colorguard team, she gets to tie together all of the different aspects of her passion she loves the most. 

“One of my friends, she was in band at the time, [we were] in eighth grade,” Eshana said, “and one time at lunch, she was like ‘guys, why don’t we all just try out for color guard’ and so we did, and most of us got in. I’m more of a lyrical music type of person, I don’t really listen to soundtracks, but with [listening to] band obviously, no one is singing the words. It’s only instruments, and I get to appreciate the music people make. ”

As Colorguard is a part of her life, she is able to form bonds with her teammates and the members of band as well. These bonds are what make her connection with music so special to her. Along with Colorguard, Eshana is an avid singer. 

She is in two choirs: the Central Singers and Treble Chorus. While both choirs are very different, she considers them both highly inspirational. 

“The upperclassman in Central Singers [inspire me]” Eshana said. “The fact that they have so much going on and are still in a zero-hour class empowers me to stay in [the class]. Whenever I’m [thinking], ‘I’m tired, maybe I’ll stop [singing]’ I [remember] that these people are getting through it, and I can one hundred percent get through it too.”

Through Eshana’s connections through Colorguard, band, and choir, she feeds into the love language of music she has created throughout her entire life. Both in school and at home, she finds comfort within the melodies that have defined her life.

With family and friends by her side throughout the journey her passion for music is taking her on, Eshana finds company and tranquility within the tunes that have defined her life.

“There’s this one song,” Eshana said, “Hey Soul Sister [by Train], that was the first song I completely learned, and my cousin and I—she’s like my best friend, I love her to death and I spend a lot of time with her—her and I would sing that together, and that has always been our song, so that’s probably one of my best memories related to music. [Also music is] really therapeutic, and it makes me feel calm especially when I feel really angry, so I just listen to music to hold it in.”