The Wooden Owl has some of the cutest home decor I have ever laid eyes on


Last week, my friend and I were out at lunch, and we had two hours to kill before she had to work, so we decided to go to a shop that we have both been dying to go to. Let me tell you, that was a great decision.

The Wooden Owl is a home decor store located on 28th street, and it is owned by an FHC family.  I knew that they had decorations for every season, but nothing could have prepared me for how true that statement is. When I walked in, my first thought was “Oh my God, I want to live here.” In the future, when I own a house, I want that entire store to be how I decorate for each season because everything is so cute.

They have little rooms for all seasons and holidays, and it made the store feel homier. The first one that we ventured into was Halloween-themed. There were so many cute fall and Halloween decorations that I was sad it is winter and not the season for fall decor anymore.

They have little wooden book bundles painted fall colors that have words on the spine. One of them says “homemade,” “caramel,” and “apples”. Another said “pumpkins,” “corn maze,” and “hay rides.” They gave off such fall vibes, and they go along with the aesthetic of my room very well.

They had many other fall and Halloween decorations in that little section, and if I wasn’t broke, I would’ve bought more than I did. I will definitely be visiting next year before fall to stock up on some more decor.

The next section was winter and Christmas, and let me tell you, I want that room to be my house. Everything was so Christmas-y and it brought me so much joy. That’s saying something too because I don’t even like Christmas that much.

I would be careful walking into this section, because you will want to buy everything you see.”

They have little wooden trees painted white and various shades of green, they have Christmas-themed book stacks with holiday sayings on them, they have little cups of fake hot chocolate, and they have so many more things. We, no joke, stood in this section for half an hour just admiring everything.

The winter and Christmas vibes were so incredible, and it felt like I was at the North Pole; that’s how much they succeeded in providing the spirit of the holiday. I would be careful walking into this section because you will want to buy everything you see.

Next, we went to the Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s decorations. These two holidays aren’t as celebrated as widely as others, so decorations for them are sold less throughout smaller shops like this one, but The Wooden Owl completely blew me away with the level of decorations for these less celebrated holidays.

They, of course, had Valentine-themed book stacks, but also wooden hearts, little trucks with hearts in the back, some cute mugs, and so much more. I felt loved just being in that room. If you’re an avid celebrator of Valentine’s day, this store has the decor for you.

St. Patrick’s day was next; I had no clue that there could be such cute decorations for a holiday that doesn’t get as much recognition as others. There are so many decorations that are so cute and not at all tacky which can be hard to come by.

They have fun little faux beer mugs and a variety of shamrock decorations. If I cared more about St. Patrick’s day I would do my decor shopping for it here. I would buy decor even though I don’t celebrate St. Patrick’s day. That’s how cute everything is.

Then, there were the summer decorations. These ones caught my attention the most. Summer is my favorite time of year, and I love to express that in my room, so these decorations really stood out to me.

There are a wide variety of both lemon and watermelon-themed decorations, and I think that both of those themes are so fun. They have little lemonade trucks, and I held one for almost ten minutes until remembering that I only had a little amount of money to spend.

They also have more specifically Fourth-of-July-themed items that would be really fun to have for the couple of weeks leading up to that specific holiday. Or, they could decorate a table at a barbecue on the fourth of July. But, they should definitely make an appearance at your house because they are very different from normal fourth of July decorations.

They also have beach-themed pieces that would be great for anyone, but especially those who love the water and the beach. I will be going back to pick up some summer decorations in the near future.

The front of the store had more unthemed home decor that would be great for any time of the year. They had a couple of different Michigan cutting boards that had different cities in Michigan or different aspects of Michigan. It would be the perfect gift for any Michigander, and we had so much fun admiring the drawings.

The Wooden Owl is definitely a store that you must go to if you’re looking for some new home decor. Absolutely everything was so cute and fun. I could have spent hours admiring every piece. I love this store, and I will be going back to look through it some more. I highly recommend you go too.