Hamilton in Chicago is filled with non-stop entertainment


This past weekend, I was blessed to have the incredible opportunity to travel to Chicago and watch Hamilton: An American Musical live on stage. Hamilton takes place in colonial America, starting in 1776. The story follows Alexander Hamilton and his journey to become a powerful political leader, with the support of George Washington. While attempting to rise up, he feuds with other large political figures such as Aaron Burr, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. A few others who stood by his side through his journey were Hercules Mulligan, John Laurens, and Marquis de Lafayette. The show follows him from the time after he immigrated to America all the way to his tragic death. This theatrical masterpiece, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, is in high demand through Broadway in NYC and in Chicago, and now the show is touring throughout the U.S.

Promptly at 2:05pm, The Privatebank Theater was filled with melodious harmonies coming from both singers and instrumentalists. I was immediately entranced with every aspect of the show. Between the enchanting music, brilliant choreography, and unspeakably talented performers singing their hearts out, every part worked together to create a harmonious performance throughout the entire show. The production appeared to run seamlessly with no obvious mistakes. I continued to be dazzled by everything with each song they performed. After the applause from the previous tune, I thought it couldn’t possibly get better, but I was delightfully surprised time and time again.

Myself pictured with Chris Lee (Marquis de Lafayette, Thomas Jefferson)

From the first chord to the last, I was completely blown away. Some of the performances rendered me completely speechless, even though I felt the need to express my appreciation. I want to thank the wonderful cast and production team that worked so hard to share their talents with me so I could experience an unbelievable event. A favorite part of mine was the performance of “The Room Where It Happens” by Wayne Grady. I was in utter awe of his talent and the heart that you can tell he put into his character. I was also very appreciative of the unbelievably cordial Chris Lee, the actor playing Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson, who took time out of his break between shows to come out of stage door, say hello, sign an autograph, and even take a picture with those hoping to show their gratitude to the performers.
Hamilton is a must-see with absolutely no dull moments. I was impressed with every note sung and played, and I left the theater wanting to walk right back in and watch it all over again.