Opportunities to help Harvey victims from home

Opportunities to help Harvey victims from home

As the rain trickles down my window, I can’t help to feel anything but gratitude. I am engulfed in dryness, warmth, and all my belongings and family members are secure from the dreary climate. Usually, I wouldn’t think anything of the fact that it’s miserable outside and that I am safe inside; however, the hurricanes circulating the South have raised awareness in my heart and mind about how fortunate we have been in the face of disaster.

In the wake and aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, I have found myself obsessing over the victims and destruction. I cannot even fathom evacuating my home or seeing it gone. My heart has been hooked on the victims and how I can help. My immediate reaction was to figure out how to get to Texas. Obviously, that was impossible as school calls, as does the new attendance policy that limits what I can miss school for, even if it is the greater good. As I have been researching how I can partake in assisting in relief efforts from home, I have come across many local organizations and business that are taking donations right around West Michigan.

You can donate to the Humane Society in aiding pets that have been displaced by the hurricane.

The relief fund was set up by the Houston Mayor, Sylvester Turner, through the Greater Houston Community Foundation

The news team is deploying a truck of donatable items to Texas. You can find items in need on their website. Their truck is leaving on September 15th.

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Sending a semi-truck of goods from the east-side of Michigan

Taking donations of clothing and toiletries in Kalamazoo

Donations of goods in Coopersville

These are just a few of the many opportunities to help the people of Houston. As always, if donating to an online source, make sure it is credible as scammers have already taken advantage of the crisis. I have felt a tug in my heart towards the people of Houston, and I’m sure I can’t be the only one. Let’s show Houston what our West Michigan hearts are made of.