JV Volleyball wins big at the Battle of the Hills


On Wednesday night, The Lady Rangers crushed their opponents FHN and FHE at Battle of the Hills. These wins were all thanks to the team’s phenomenal offensive work, they attacked the other team with such power and strength that their opponents didn’t know what hit them. The team’s captains, Ellie Ingraham and Lauren Schofield, both played at high levels, helping the team to grab the two wins.

The Rangers played the Eastern Hawks first, and it was back and forth between the two teams from the start. The Rangers won the first set, lost the second, and then managed to pull out the win in the third set earning the overall victory. The second game was against the Northern Huskies. This was the bigger of the two games, because these schools have such intense rivalries with each other. Northern took the first set, but the Lady Rangers brought the heat in the last two sets which got them yet another overall win.

The Rangers have used their gifted offense yet again to topple opponents and improve their record. In order to make it to the top of the OK white, the team has to continue working on their offense by making it unstoppable and feared by all teams. The girls are already showing that great ability that they have to win and completely dominate in their conference.