Breanna Probst commits to Aquinas College


To senior Breanna Propst, her home is on the field. Breanna can be found playing her heart out on the soccer field, at the basketball court, or in front of her classroom. She has pulled from her many experiences in many fields to further her post graduation career.

Breanna was introduced to soccer when she was just four years old. So young that her little brain could not even fathom where her passion for the sport would lead her in only fourteen years. She retired from playing at the YMCA when she was ten years old and continued playing on travel teams. She played for Alliance and then moved on to play for Midwest.

“I couldn’t imagine just stopping since I have been doing it my whole life,” Breanna said.

With a serious knack and passion for the sport, colleges were on the prowl for Breanna. Grand Rapid’s own Aquinas College scouted her and immediately latched on.

“They found me, I knew the coach, and then when I visited it just [seemed like a good] fit. I liked the campus and everything,” Breanna said.

While most students won’t be worrying about college for a few weeks, Breanna accelerated with a head start by thinking about her post-graduate options during the summer.

This fall, she committed to Aquinas.

It felt like home to Breanna from the very first visit. A big deciding point for Breanna was the closeness to home and closeness to her two sisters.

“My little sisters definitely influenced my decision to stay home, especially my little sister,” said Breanna. “She’s in third grade, so I’m really close with her, and I want to be with her while she grows up. I don’t want to miss anything.”

Another aspect of home to Breanna is FHC. Alongside her impressive soccer accomplishments, Breanna is entering her second year on the Varsity Basketball team. When not on the court or the field, she spends her time babysitting.

Her after-school job influenced her to join the teacher cadet program, through FHC. She will be entering her second year in the program.

“I love working with kids,” Breanna said. “I did teacher cadet, and I’ll be doing it [for a second time]. I just love it.”

Through the enjoyment that babysitting and working on the hands-on-mock teacher experience, Breanna has looked into studying education or becoming a child life specialist.

With a passion for soccer and a heart for kids, Breanna will most likely travel far in her experiences by staying close to home base.