JV Volleyball defeats the Northview Wildcats 2-0


Tuesday night was the first home game for JV volleyball against Northview, and the Rangers capitalized, pulling out the win in just two sets. The stands were packed with proud parents and dedicated fans, as they all witnessed the Lady Rangers defeat the Wildcats in a back and forth battle. The girls struggled at the start but did what they had to do, winning the first two sets and winning the game.

“The girls mesh really well together. We’ve been playing an offense that isn’t very traditional to many JV teams because of their skill level.” head coach Natalie Roelfzema said. “They did really well, they’ve worked hard.”

The team sure did show off how hard they’ve worked to be as good as they are. The Rangers had a slow start to the game, and they were back and forth with winning a point and losing a point. Sophomore Megan Raisch had great points through the entirety of the first match, making it possible for the hitters to get some great attacks. Sophomore Lauren Schofield took advantage of Megan’s sets and attacked Northview scoring them a point and putting them ahead.

Northview called a timeout after seeing that the Rangers had gotten their groove back and were attacking the ball with great strength, hitting consistently. The Lady Rangers were not fazed by the timeout and came back into the game with five consecutive serves for points. This took the team further ahead in the battle against Northview. The Rangers, however, did end up losing that serving streak to Northview after hitting the ball into the net. They soon got the serve back and won the match 25-23.

The Rangers struggled a bit early in the second game, with attacks that were hit right into the net. The Rangers picked it up starting with the incredible blocks made by sophomore, Kaia McCuien. After Kaia made those blocks, the rest of the team put all they had into the game. Lauren was back with great attacks yet again, especially at times when Northview didn’t expect it. The girls used the attacks to their advantage winning the second and final set of the game 25-15.

“The girls have improved a lot; they are very advanced.” said Roelfzema.

The Lady Rangers won a big game tonight, they put their best foot forward and played hard.

“We’ve gotten along really well on and off the court, that’s what is going to help us win.” said Lauren.