Player Profile: Kayley Reynolds


Name: Kayley Reynolds

Grade: Junior

Sport: Girls Varsity Golf

With the start of the new golf season, the team has some new talent from the junior class. Kayley is one of the four juniors on the team and this is her first year playing varsity. So far this season her lowest score is 89 for 18 holes and 37 for 9 holes.

How has this season been going?

“It’s a lot of fun, the girls all get along really well and it is a lot better than last year because we have all improved as a team.

Why do you play golf?

I play golf because I tore my ACL and there is no way I can tear it playing golf. My parents and teammate, Ally, are my biggest supporters and they motivate me to do my best every time I’m on the course.”

What are your goals this season?

I am hoping to make all-conference and have a low enough score to qualify for the state tournament.”

What is your favorite part of the FHC golf program?

“The Traverse City tournament with the whole team is my favorite and I love that we all get along very well and there is no drama at all.”

What do you do individually to prepare before an important match?

“I always to go the range and get my swing straightened out and warmed up to make sure my abilities are at their peak.”