What are the best assets of your team members when it comes to improv?

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What are the best assets of your team members when it comes to improv?

(The improvers anonymously assess their fellow team members)

Matt Wilson

“His sense of humor keeps the show going. He always makes witty comments and is supportive of any idea onstage.”

“Matt is a strong leader and brings out the best in everyone around him.”

“He adds a great element to scenes with his unique, dry style of humor.”

“Matt is really one of the strongest people on the team. He is really good at scene formation and is really goofy, which I love.”

“Flows with everyone and can be a great supporting actor as well as star of the show.”

Katie Hicks

“Her energy.”

“She’s great at guessing games, and she picks up on stuff quickly.”

“Katie’s passion for what she loves is unparalleled.”

“When a scene is dying down, she always gives a great punchline to end it on.”

“Katie is an amazing guesser and can literally guess anything; she’s an amazing improver.”

“Great guesser, able to lead a scene and carry it very well.”

Mark Kemp

“His wit.”

“He always keeps scenes going by incorporating new ideas, and he has the BEST dance moves.”

“Mark is downright fearless.”

“Mark is a really good scene maker and is really good at telling stories.”

“Fantastic scene creation, overall very wacky and creative ways of directing the scenes.”

Ellie Matellic

“Her motherly presence.”

“Ellie has got a strong heart and is a natural leader. She is constantly thinking of new ways to do things.”

“She is an amazing supporter of scenes; she keeps them from dying.”

“Ellie is a really good scene maker and is really good at telling stories. She is also really good at punchlines and knows how to tell jokes at the right time.”

“Amazing supporting character in most scenes. Very easy to work with and bounces off well with everyone.”

Hannah Kuhlmann

“Her simplicity.”

“Han and I go way back, so we have a lot of chemistry onstage. We’re always supporting each other. Han’s humor makes the show better because she can always create funny characters.”

“Hannah has a strong presence in any scene she’s in.”

“She’s never afraid to “go there.a�� There is absolutely no hesitation when she’s in a scene.”

“Hannah is one of the edgiest, which makes her hilarious. She always goes for the underlying inappropriate jokes, which the audience will love.”

“Very good scene starter. She can lead a scene with her wit, and she has some very good puns.”

Parker David

“His word choice/diction.”

“He is so funny! Parker makes the funniest comments and his tone of voice always cracks me up. In the game “Inner Voices,a�� he always says the funniest stuff.”

“Parker has got a style all his own, and it’s always a surprise to see what he’ll do.”

“He is an excellent person to be paired with in a scene because he always makes it obvious of the direction he wants to go.”

“Very unique way of delivering lines that are just hilarious, very good physical pantomimes.”

Noah Bosch

“His dedication.”

“Great energy, Noah is great at impressions.”

“Noah is such a hard worker and won’t stop working until it’s right.”

“He gives structure and direction to every scene he is in.”

“Noah is the dad of the team and really knows how to bring a scene together.”

Callum Ovens

“His creativity.”

“He is the core of the team. Callum always adds funny comments to scenes and brings the oddest yet funniest things up.”

“Callum is completely creative and completely unexpected.”

“If you start the scene, he will immediately run with it and bring it in crazy new directions.”

“Callum is the weirdest person ever, which makes him the funniest on the team. The things he says are so random and amazing, they just contribute so much to the scene.”

“Incredible puns and overall very smart and creative scene direction and suggestions/endowments.”

Gretchen Shull

“Her diverse characters.”

“She is absolutely hilarious! Gretchen is so clever and makes the funniest facial expressions and body movements. She makes everyone laugh. The show would not be the same without her.”

“Gretchen will always say, “Yes, and…a�� in improva�� she’s a fantastic listener and isn’t afraid to commit to a scene.”

“You’d be surprised how useful beatboxing can be.”

“Gretchen is honestly one of the funniest people I know. Her body language and her sound effects make the whole scene.”

“Great rhymes and very fun to work with, great physical acting.”