JV volleyball defeats Ottawa Hills 2-0

JV volleyball defeats Ottawa Hills 2-0

On Tuesday night, JV volleyball defeated the Ottawa HIlls Bengals. Going into the game, the Rangers didn’t expect much. They anticipated that the game would be easy from what they had heard about Ottawa Hills. They were right, and the rumors were true. The Bengals were no competition for the Rangers, the games were an easy task for FHC. However, because of the struggling Ottawa Hills program, the Lady Rangers had an opportunity to play in different positions throughout the night. So, all in all, despite the low intensity, the Rangers had a successful night.

All of the players played well, but due to the slow nature of the game, there wasn’t really one stand out player. The team played well together as a whole, but that is definitely not new to this team. It didn’t matter if Ottawa Hills had won every single game or lost every single game, the Rangers played with grit and passion. The girls didn’t give in, they didn’t sink down to a lower level of intensity. This game was good practice for staying in the game; not losing sight of the goal, which was to win. The Rangers secured the win in the first two sets of the game, winning both 25-7.

The Rangers had some leeway, so they played around in different spots on the court. One of the team’s right side hitters, sophomore Ashlyn Korpack, was able to hit in the middle for the first time this year. It is a position that she had played in past years, so it was familiar to her. It was great for the team to move around, while they had fun and got to try some different things to use in their game on Thursday against Northern.

The Lady Rangers intend to bring what they’ve learned from this game into the game against FHN on Thursday. The amount of intensity will be through the roof, this game will be close. Both FHC and FHN attack constantly in their respective games, therefore defense is key. If the Rangers wish to win, they must step it up and play hard defense. Their consistent attacks will earn them a few points, but the team has got to block the opposing team’s hits if they want to protect the score.

In the OK White conference, the Rangers stand strong. With the few games left in the season, the Rangers look to win the rest of their conference matchups. The team looks to take on their hardest competition and win in order to prove themselves worthy of winning in the OK White. As of right now, it seemingly looks like it is going to be between Lowell and FHC for conference champs. The Rangers have stepped it up before and look to do that again.