Cross Country at Riverside Park


Jessica Borowsky, Sports Reporter

The Rangers continued to battle the heat in the meet last night at Riverside Park. Teams FHC raced against were Forest Hills Northern, Ottawa Hills, Lowell, Northview, Cedar Springs, and Greenville. The girls finished in second behind Forest Hills Northern with 60 points and the boys finished in third behind Cedar Springs with 79 points.

Finishing in first on the boys side was sophomore Gabe Carlson with a time of 16:42 and 6th place overall. Behind Carlson was sophomore Kyle James-Heer with a time of 17:17 and placing in 13th. In third for the boys was junior Geoffrey Batterbee with a time of 17:21 and placing 14th right behind Geoffrey was James-Heer. Finishing in first, 6th overall, for the girls was freshman Whitney Currie with a time of 19:48. Right behind Currie, 7th overall, was sophomore Nicole Marco with a time of 20:00. In third for the Rangers and 8th overall right behind Marco, was junior Susannah Bennett finishing with a time of 20:08.

The Rangers managed to battle the heat last night and are planning to beat it once again this Saturday in Portage. Even with the numerous events surrounding homecoming this week, the team will continue to strive for success Saturday morning.