Houlihan’s offers wonderful food and service


As the buzz from this past Homecoming dies, the chaotic events of the busy week and weekend have already become muddled in my mind. Memories of Saturday’s dance have morphed into a flashy blur of loud music, colorful dresses, and endless laughs.

Yet, the dinner I had prior to the dance itself somehow stands out in my mind.

My group and I dined at Houlihan’s on Breton Road and found it to be incredibly enjoyable. Our food, service, and overall experience was characterized by tasty dishes and lots of giggles.

When we first arrived, we were immediately escorted to a cozy booth in the corner, providing us with both privacy and comfort. After perusing the menu, my group and I promptly ordered just about the entire menu.

The food itself was satisfying, to say the least. I ordered the Brentwood Chicken Sandwich with a side of french onion soup. My soup was delivered to me first, teeming with melty cheese. The soup was amazing; it had the perfect balance of lots of cheese, croutons, and just enough onions. Before my sandwich even arrived, I had scraped the bowl clean.

When my sandwich was finally placed in front of me, I dug right in, though I felt my appetite slowing down. It tasted fairly good; however, the sandwiched was packed with an abundance of fillings, and there was just a little too much meat. Despite my efforts, I wasn’t able to actually finish the sandwich. Nonetheless, I certainly enjoyed it. And, it came with a side of fries to perfectly top of my meal.

As for the service, Saturday night was busy for Houlihan’s, so the service was a bit slow. However, it was nothing to get upset over. Furthermore, our table’s server was very accommodating to us, and he received generous tips from all of us.

Even the hostess was kind! When our meal came to an end, the rain was thundering down outside. As we waited for our friend to pull the car up to the entrance, my group and I fretted about how we would make the mad dash out to the car without wrecking the hair we had meticulously slaved over. Upon hearing our fussing, the hostess plucked an umbrella out of thin air (it actually just happened to be stowed in the hostess stand) and graciously offered it to us, allowing us to keep our perfectly manicured hair intact.

Overall, Houlihan’s was a wonderful experience. Every one of us stumbled out of Houlihan’s stuffed to the brim, hands clutching our full stomachs. It served as a perfect precursor for the night to come. The great food and service will surely beckon me in again soon.