Humans of FHC: Holly Wierenga


“So, my junior year of college, I studied abroad with my roommate and best friend. During our last week after our program in London was done, we made a big trip out of it and flew to Rome. We landed in Rome, and then we had [roughly] 24 hours in the city. We just walked everywhere. When we were bored, I would just turn to her and say ‘Hit me with a Lizzie quote,’ and she just said any quote from The Lizzie McGuire Movie. So we talked about Lizzie McGuire all day. From Rome, we took a bus to Siena where our friend was studying abroad, and we were in Siena for like three days. Then, we took a bus to Florence, and we had like two hours there before we had to make it to the airport. Then, we flew back to London.”

(Student Teacher)