The importance of art is applicable to everyone


As Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize festival comes to a close, thousands of pieces of art are returned to their homes. Each fall, the citizens of Grand Rapids find themselves with a seasonal obsession for art, as everyone hastily explores the miles of creativity placed downtown. However, as ArtPrize season ends, and all the art departs our city, does our zealous love for art eventually vanish as well?

Indeed, it is wonderful that Grand Rapids has such a love for art during this time of year. In fact, I’m sure there is more artistic influence here in a year than many cities have in a whole decade. However, the passion for the arts should stay constant year round. Even without the presence of ArtPrize, we should still be keen and eager to learn more and appreciate art all around us.

The freedom of art and its expression allows artists to verbalize thoughts that would otherwise be impossible to articulate. There are some subjects that we would be unable to communicate to each other without art. In the right situation, art gives us the ability to break down boundaries and simply contemplate and consider. Art truly allows both the creator and the audience to express and explore their views on topics and subjects that matter in the world today.

Similarly, art is crucial to maintaining and promoting diversity in our colorful world. Art grants you the opportunity to travel the world and probe different beliefs and ideals. It forces us to see a new perspective, to delve into someone else’s world. Without art, your mind would be singular and unable to explore new ideas.

Our town, even on its bleakest day, is fuller of art than you might expect. Of course, there is the Grand Rapids Art Museum and Urban Institute for Contemporary Art downtown, filled with both local and national masterpieces. The Frederik Meijer Gardens, complete with dozens of sculptures and statues, provoke curiosity and contemplation through their elastic shapes and flexuous structures. Stopping by and examining these forms of art might better yourself more than any other activities you might pursue downtown could.

Art’s importance lies in the pure complexity of its nature. ”

But we don’t even need to be in a museum or exhibition to appreciate the art around us. That little doodle in the corner of your math homework? The design embroidered on your best friend’s sweater? Those flower beds you see on your drive home from school? The fact that all these items pop out to you takes an element of design– an element of art. There’s art all around you.

Anything that contains the slightest concept of design or passion can be called art. Objects that draw your feelings and render you thoughtful and reflective can be considered art. Art can be whatever you want it to be. It’s not at all limited to paintings and drawings; you can take your creativity and imagination and use it to your advantage.

Even though the craze of ArtPrize is over, don’t let yourself lose interest in art. Art’s importance lies in the pure complexity of its nature. Take notice of what’s around you and realize the beauty in the smaller things that surround you every day. Recognizing and appreciating the art around you might change your life in so many ways.